"Established in 2013 by Yaşar İpek, İpekyolu Araz Group of Companies operates in various sectors with an innovative and pioneering approach. Based in İzmir, İpekyolu Araz Group of Companies, following the vision of its founder Yaşar İpek, aims to provide quality and reliable services in each sector, always prioritizing customer satisfaction. The group continues to expand and develop its activities, maintaining and enhancing its leading position in the sectors with a commitment to continuous improvement. Echoing the inspiring words of the founder Yaşar İpek, "If your dreams scare you, it means you are on the right path." İpekyolu Araz encourages and supports its customers in reaching their biggest dreams by offering innovative and reliable solutions."

prioritizes the protection of customer information, ensuring their privacy and security with the latest data security technologies and practices.

harnesses cutting-edge technology to innovate and enhance their services across various sectors, constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver exceptional experiences to their clients.

Our group of companies provides services through future analysis, offering pioneering and innovative solutions in a constantly evolving world.


" One of the group's prominent brands, Şehriyar Tebriz Travel Agency, serves the global tourism sector, especially in the Middle East, under the GoToSafar.com brand. GoToSafar.com aims to offer unique travel experiences and cultural explorations, providing unforgettable moments for its clients.